Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sold the trunk out of this room today so moved the table in from outdoors! This trencher just arrived of an old farm sale. All cut out of one piece of wood. Probably made as a feeder of some sorts. This one is old old old!! The noodle board above it has great green pain and peaked on the piece in the back. Very unusual.!! Heading out pickin today so have a good one!! Shop will be open till four!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Well Iowa is getting flooded from the 6 inches of rain we have been getting all night! Please  be careful out there. Don't drive in any water! We are putting out all our patriotic now so stop in and check it out. This pair just arrived!! Great primitive soldiers! Union and Confederate!! Have been busy all week doing some spring cleaning. Oh My that takes forever!! Lots  to do!! The shop is full of early cupboards and lots of prims!! Stop by this week and check it out!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

We are bringing summer into the shop even though the weather is not cooperating! Filled this wheelbarrow up with these handmade watermelons. They look so realistic! Had a wonderful day off and have the  van full of primitive treasures! Lots of wood bowls,buckets and an early wooden cart! Also got some stoneware jugs and jars!! Will be bringing it all into the shop next week. Thanks for all who stopped by today and we have the shop full for the weekend.!!
I am sorry I am neglecting my blogging. I am posting on facebook which has been much quicker. I finally changed out my other window yesterday. Used Theresa's idea and did a clothesline. Had been thinking of this anyway and when she posted it I finally got on it.Love all the old aprons hanging. o

Friday, April 5, 2013

Events all Weekend!!

Lots of fun things in our neighborhood this weekend!! Painted Pony is having an Open House! Simply Iowa is having a garden party! Midwest Antique show is Sunday with lots of great dealers!! We will be open 11-4 today,10-4 tomorrow and 1-4 on Sunday! Lots of great happenings! We have been out gatherings lots of new primitives so stop by and check it out!!
Just got in this brown hanging cupboard last night. Put it on this brown table which we just got with our new trailer last week. Finally got a bigger trailer and hubby is so happy. It has a side door and ramp so we can wheel those large cupboards I always like right on down. We can also stand up in it without ducking. Makes like a little easier and since I always like huge items he is happier. Keep hubby happy and things go a lot smoother. Love this trencher full of gourds. It is quite shallow and has a great repair.