Thursday, May 31, 2012

More decorating

Hung this old feed shute on the back of the door and put uncle sam in the middle. The patriotic has been flying out the door. Not much left so let me know if you need anything before it is gone.!!
Moved all the dry stuff to this side today!! Walnut stepback and open dry sink. Hung the bucket bench and love how it turned out!! Had some big old hooks and flippped them over the door and hooked them on the shelf!! Filled it with prims/ Great old mirror I hung on the wall. Then barrells and twigs made everything blend well together. Added the old tavern table and cozied it up!! Lots of things got moved today and more to go. Tomorrow going be traveling though. Pickin up a few more things hopefully!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shakin in the Shop!!

I am moving the blacks to the other side of the shop. Started with this server!! Love old black paint. The patriotic is all moving to the front. Already starting to think about fall. Just a few months away. This old tin lantern is huge and have never seen one like it before!
I had put the walnut stepback in this corner yesterday but it was just too dark!! Pulled this mustard meal bin over and like it much better. Decked it out for the fourth of July!! The mustard color pops and looks much better
Filled this amazing trencher with wooden bowls this morning. Then this afternoon I took them all out as the trencher went to a lovely home!! Well it looked good for a couple of hours. Got the rest of the window filled in.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Window!!

This is the trencher I unloaded from the van. It is massive and heavy. Carved out of all one piece of log!! THey even carved three huge feet to hold it upright. Going to fill it with bowls but still finishing up tomorrow. Have to get the apple green pie safe in there yet!! Starting to look better!!
Got the drysink in the window and just started to fill it. Love love love the high back with shelves!! Got the shop in messes again as I bring out the window and take new in.
Got the van almost unloaded!! Decided to start with window and change it out!! Put the green things in there this time. Stepback and old buck wagon with barrells.!! this is just the start!! Nice day today with temperatures a little cooler. Easier to do some of the changing around!!

Monday, May 28, 2012


back end of the van!! Got a huge old post corn dryer.Thinking about hanging necklaces on it. Old green cupboard with cubbys is buried under all the smalls. Also have the shelves full of smalls. Lot of fun things to put out this week!!

Fun Stuff@@

Some of the items in the van!! The early blue piece is a concrete huck used for hauling cement around from place to place. The color is amazing and early old forged pieces. Have to figure out what I can fill it with. The most favorite is this early bowl that is upside down. It is all cut from one large log and has feet cut from the same. Oh My!! It is heavy and totally amazing!! Nice bucket and green cupboard is buried under the bottom. It is filled with some great braided rugs!! The red childs chair will be great for summer holidays and I got a cute red childs cupboard all handmade!! Lots of fun things to work in. Think I may change out the window tomorrow and move some things around!!! Time for moving and shaking!!
Headed north today and filled the van!! This is a great old dairy farm that had a sale going on. We picked up a few things there.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Had a nice day off today!! Got over to Barb's sale in Fairfax!! be sure to check it out at  lots of things coming in all weekend!! Then we went down to the Breakfast House on sixth street for my favorite veggie omelet!! Hit menards for some plants and then went and saw Dark Shadows. I thought it was ok but not quite as good as I thought it would be. Adding this closeup of the bears for a customer. Papa bear is holding a sifter. Lots of new things in the shop. We will be open Sat and Sun but closed  Monday!! Stop by and check it out!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Three Bears!!

Don't know where Goldilocks is but her three bears are here waiting to go to a new home!! Each one is holding vintage pieces that are wonderful. Mama has a bumble bee and baby is holding an old slicer!! Just got in these two great pieces!! The top one I may hang next week. It is a canted shelf  and looks great stacked on top of this log box. Both are old attic finish which is so highly sought after right now. Lots of visitors today from several neighboring states!! Have tomorrow off and hoping to see the movie Dark Shadows!! Will be in the shop Saturday!!
New grungy lye soap great for prim bathrooms!! Busy catching up at home and cleaning the upstairs at shop!! Catch you later!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Closing early today for nieces graduation!! Sometime between 3 and 3:30 will be open at 12 Lots of patriotic is sailing out the door!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

These are great flag bags made out of old feedsacks and horse hames. Almost looks like a flag pole on the end. Great for all the summer holidays and wonderful with green at Christmas!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

More New Stuff!!

Picked up lots of new table squares,pillowcases and bedspreadst when I was at market!! Lots of new patterns!!! Check them out while the selection is good!!!
Summer issue of Simple Life arrived yesterday!!! Stop by to get the new issue!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New table setting!

Love how this table turned out this afternoon. Set with treen. Prim perfect!! Added some new aprons to the ladderbacks!!! Even added some early forks!!
doing some close ups of the new horses I got this week for a customer!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Things!!

Just did this little corner up at the end of the day. The early stepback went to new home yesterday so I had this space to fill. Could not get it to come out too bright though as it is in the back of the store. The lamp is a new arrival! Put the steps up on the meal bin and added an old bowl filled with grungy fruit. The kitty is a new addition. She is holding a sunflower and is adorable. Love the handmade gourd bowl and below it are teeny gourd spoons in a little gourd holder. Got the new peg shelf hung up and put gourds and aprons on the hooks. Slowly starting to come together. Friends stopped in this morning on their way to the hospital. Hope everything went well and they got to go home and recover. She loved the two sided quilt so it went to new home also. Hope everyone had a great day. Weather here in Iowa in near perfect. Cannot get much better than this!!! Nite all!!
Love ,love love the new mustard meal bin. This came out of old feedstore in Illinois. What makes it so unique is the shelves up above. Filled ith with all the new horses that just arrived. The shop is filling up with lots of new handmades. Doing lots of moving around to fit the new stuff in!!
Cleared off the sawbuck this afternoon and put this old doughbox in the center. The uncle sams on either side just arrived in the mail today. The red,white and blue candles are new also. Picked up several handmade tin lamps on my trip. You can see a two arm one in the background!!Lots more new things to get out!!
Another busy day getting things out and marked. The large blue bowl went to a new home today so I moved the blue sugar bucket over under this great early tin lamp. Put one of the new scented pillars with timers in the lamp. Works great! The bucket with the geraniums is an early early well bucket with forged handle. The salt glaze jug I picked up a couple of weeks ago. It is wrapped in it's original wicker. Wow!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Buckboard wagon and box!! Great colors. Just plopped them up front but box went to new home today!! Still lots more to put out!!
Just got the green sugar bucket last week and it works great in here. Lid is long gone but color is great and it shows off well with geraniums or a christmas tree by the end of the year. Do not think it will stay long enough to see a tree. The apple basket is straight from Maine and has green with red bands. Have several new tin lamps to put out. One is a brand new style. Too much yet to unpack!!

New Corner!!

This is the green stepback we picked up in Indiana on the way home. Had to do some rearranging to fit it in but got it home in one piece. The candles in the cupboard are on timers so they come on for 5 and off for 19.  Each one is rolled in yummy spices so they smell nice also. Handmade large apples in the bowo. Little mice peeking out of boxes and tin cups. The old tin egg sign is double sided and wonderful. Has a bend to it but to me that just makes it all the more unique. The little chair is a potatoe peeling chair from Virginia and is an early make do. Abe Lincoln on the left is a portrait on a candlestand. Added Uncle Sam and handmade doll and this corner is set!!!

Road Trip!!

800 miles and two hard days but the truck and trailer are full of lots of great things!!! So nice to see everyone and hubby helped load all day!! Lots of fun things to unpack!!! Yippee!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cranberry Scoop and Sifter are heading to new homes!! Thanks!!

Handmade wool apples!! Red,yellow and green! Wonderful for bowls or buckets!! All year long!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

This is a side view of the sifter. Little ear like pieces to make the curves!! It is smaller than most also. Very Unique! Had a nice day at the shop today. Helped a friend celebrate her birthday and had a great visit!  Have most of the shop in shape right now. Still have to do the upstairs but not looking too bad right now! I am heading out on a road trip Sunday and Monday!! Have a great weekend!!
This is the earliest sifter I have ever had. Nice old tin back with punched holes!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just got in this cranberry scoop. It is dated I think 1889. Filled it with blue rag balls!!New birch wreaths and twigs arrived this week from up north!! Now I like this little room!! Filled it with a few of my favorite things. The green bottles just came in last weekend also!!
Hung this early game rack and filled it with new bonnets and aprons that just arrived!!
The building I am in is an old department store! This is one of three little dressing rooms in the back. Redid it today and it is turning out good. Sometimes I neglect these rooms but got them all done today. Now of course still have mounds outside the rooms. Heading to a friends tomorrow that is cleaning house!! Hope to get lots of treasures!!
Here is another pic of it and the tin patches were on the outside on each end not the inside. It was so sweet and I loved it. One of my favorite things I got at Nashville,probably should have kept it. If anyone spots it please let me know. Tuckpointing is done on the building and I am painting and washing windows this morning trying to tidy up. Got quite a bit done and is looking much better!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Well I have been searching for a month now and have not come across this sweet little trencher so I decided to post it. It is in this picture which was taken the last week in March. I took this on a Thursday nite and noticed it gone on Saturday. I have been looking everywhere and have not come across it. Bought it in Nashville at the Heart of Country show. It was very tiny about 8 inches long. Always put it with my treen things. Had two tin patches made out of old tin cans on the inside. They were both alike so it is very easy to spot. Dry surface and no paint. One of my customers wished to purchase it but I have not found it. If anyone sees this little trencher anywhere please be aware that it was taken from my shop!! It is the one on the bottom shelf of this green cupboard. Thanks to everyone for your help.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Fresh Picked veggies!!! Different things and different prices!! Look great in wooden dough boxes,bowls etc!!!!
Just got in this grungy prim chimney cupboard. Huge old old boards with tons of square nails. Works great to hold large bowls and crocks as it is deep and tall. Works best in corner as it is about 18 inches deep. Nice tall size! Door is long gone but love love love the huge old boards. This baby is heavy!! Would be great in a bathroom full of towels!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

There was  large two piece gray cupboard on this wall last week but it went south to new home. Moved over this single door wardrobe!! Getting set with the red,gray and blue. Lots of furniture still going so I was out yesterday and got a great truck full of cupboards. So glad we got a full size truck with six foot bed.Out dakota would only hold four feet and I always buy huge things! Got a van full of early smalls to unload tomorrow!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New changes

This early 1800's jelly cupboard headed south today along with the old green corner pie safe!! It was looking cute yesterday with lady liberty on top!! Got three new pieces in today and heading out to look at some things in the morn! Shop is open 12-4 and  we will be moving things around again!! so nice to see some of my favorite people yesterday!! Always nice when friends stop by!!


Off to pick up cupboard shop will be open 10-4!!! Have a great day!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crocks,Kegs And Sticks!!

Crock,Kegs,and Sticks!! A few of my favorite things!!! Filled the table with them yesterday!! Put the crocks on this old engine cart and added the red geraniums!! It is hard to keep the kegs in lately. Everyone seems to be wanting them!! Getting the things out I picked last week as I change things up. Still piles on the floor that I am working on. People are always saying they can just go out and get sticks but I am telling you these sticks come from way up north and nothing beats them. Usually people will go out and try to find some and then come back and buy these. They are nice birch sticks and work great almost everywhere!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Great new stretcher table I just got in!! Nice small farm table size!! Love the primitive top and it is all square nailed!!
Well yesterday bricks were falling down in front of the shop and today there was powerwashing going on everywhere!! Oh my!! Tuckpointing is making messes everywhere. Getting the inside going and lots of new groupings reworked. This little corner I just did up early this morn. The girl is great as she is holding a flag but looks good all year round!! Added a few more flags and the sign. Lots of new feedsack placemats and Abe pillows came in last week.!! Email if you are in need of anything!!
This cupboard just came in last week and is a nice size for almost anywhere!! Great wear around the handle and a grungy color that will go anywhere!! Please excuse the mess outside this week. They are tuckpointing the front of the building and it will be great when done. Kind of messy right now!!
Well when you sell things you have to recreate!! I am working on that today getting things in order and changing stuff around!! Moved the big stepback out of the corner so you can see more of this huge sign that is all one board! Came off of a century farm in Wisconsin and is massive!! Putting out the red,white,and blue up here as things get spruced up. Still lots of messes everywhere., Remember I just show the good areas when doing this!