Sunday, February 3, 2013

Love this huge old drawer piece! What I like is that it is narrow so it does not take up so much space even though I think it is about 8 feet long. Just getting everything in order before I leave
This is the window I got all reset for spring! Had cabin things in there for winter! This twig swing is amazing!! Filled it with buckets and bunnies!! The old wheelbarrow came in from outdoors and filled it with geraniums!! Oh My!! Got me going! Getting the shop all reset this week as I am going to Heart of Country with a friend!! Heading out next week so be sure and check out all the great stuff I will be bringing back!!
My blogger seems to be back on track! Have not posted lately as I was having lots of problems!! Well getting lots of spring in and redoing the whole shop this week! Pulled this great red farm piece into the shop and filled it with kegs and florals!! Would be great on a front porch!!