Monday, September 9, 2013

Auction buys!

Well I do not get to auctions very often but my husband found one in the paper that sounded interesting. It was on a 100 year old farm with tons of the junk I love everywhere. It was another hot day in Iowa but it stayed partly cloudy for most of the day. That helped a ton. It was a tough fight but I did come home with a truckload. Love the old red dry sink we got. It wont make it into the shop for the fall Open House this weekend but shortly there after as I rework everything. Going to be hot again tomorrow but the weekend sounds cool. Thank goodness. This heat and no rain is getting hard to take. Hope everyone can come. The girls at the barn are having their open house also. Lots of fun in the neighborhood!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Oh my I have been so bad with keeping up with my blog. Check out facebook under Wanda Tuetken(at Gatherings as I have posted much more there. We are having our fall event next weekend Sept 13-15. Please stop by for lots of early prims and handmades!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Love the high sides on this early youth bed. It is a grungy old finish. The ticking I bought last week at old farm auction filled it out nice. Then I surrounded it with fall. Lots of new arrivals in the shop and I am changing everything around again. Sold several pieces of furniture this week so  back to the drawing board. The pumpkin family has returned. The first set sold in a week. They fit right into this group. Come by and check out all the new arrivals but excuse my piles as we design a new floor plan!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Love this old door and frame! The burlap wreath works perfect on it!! I can never have enough gourds!! Love this old buggy full!! Getting the shop in shape!!!
Ok I am running out of patriotic and needed some things in the back of the shop! Oh My I am having fun playing with all the new things. Love how this group turned out today!! Nothing is better than fall!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More of the shop redo!!
Since I redid the window and pulled things from the shop. Now I am redoing the  shop! Got the front two sections finished today!
Here is the rest of the window!! Love the old dry red stepback with the glass long gone!! Nice size red farm table and old dry dough box with lid!! This window turned out amazing!! Our hours are M-F 11-4 Sat 10-4 and Sun12-4. Will finish the basement today and lots of items are marked down there. Adding things to half price room also!!Stop in and check it out. I am making lots of messes upstairs as I redo the main floor!!
This red stepback fit right in. I left it closed as I like to see the wear around the door!! It is squared nailed but must have been built in as one side is not painted. Love it anyway!!Abe looks great on there!

Changed out the window Monday! Love this dry old old old red jelly cupboard. Sold one of the bowls yesterday so the stack is a little smaller. THe dark piggin just arrived!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Oops almost for got this great load I got this morning! Huge iron banded mortar! Love the stack of old dry bowls and the old niddy noddy! All things wood!! Love Love love!!
I added the chair and primitive girl! Just got in this tall stepladder in old blue paint! Hung the huge flag on it! This flag was used in WW11 to put on submarines as they surfaced so they knew which country they came from!Geraniums are always a finishing touch! We will not be open Memorial Day! If you ever traveled far and we missed you my cell number is on the door and we will make every effort to be there!
Well our new hours worked great this week! 11-4 during the week gives me much more time to get things done around the shop and I got to go out to gather things twice this week! The wonderful gray log box is great! Square nailed with raised sides! I put a doughboard across it to make it a table! The great piece on the back wall I love love love! It is a wool bundler!! It folds in to make a box and then they strung string through it to tie it up! Can be folded up and used as a shelf but I love all the forged iron on it so used it as a wall piece!! The wooden house is a square nailed beekeepers house! Small openings at the bottom for the bees to enter! All of these items came from a trip out east!! Started redoing the basement this week also! All the green pieces went down and did up a cute group down there. Hopefully I can get some more done down there this coming week!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Just letting everyone know our weekday hours are changing from 11-4! Will still be open seven days a week but shorter hours during the week. If you call ahead or message me I will gladly meet you there earlier or later. Weekends we will be open 10-4 on Sat and 12-4 on Sunday!.Hopefully this works. My cell number is on the door and if we missed you ,call me and we will make our best effort to try to meet you. Just need more hours to go picking and get the shop in order. I  am there early lots of days getting things in order. So if your planning a long trip just let me know ahead of time so we don't miss you!! Hope everyone is staying out of the storms! We have more coming tonight Have a great Monday!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Back wall is full of barrels and prims!!
These are some things I picked up this weekend. Small deep sided breadboard with lots of wear,. Primitive herb crusher, dry old mortar and pestle!! There is a small turned grinder also. This old dry cabinet has a shelf with holes cut out. Works perfect for wine bottles, I put some of my green bottles in there, Abe is hanging out with all those great items!!
Put this hired hands bed in there also!! Picked up the early wardrobe Saturday when we went to Rochester!! Added some patriotic touches to set it off
started redoing the window today!! This dry sink just came in last week. It has an oversized well on it which I loved!! Filled it with wonderful wooden pieces and thought it turned out great!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

This is an early square nailed open cuoboard! Filled it with lots of early wooden wares!! I am having a thing about mortars right now!! Have been gathering lots of them. We went up to Rochester  yesterday and I got an early painted wardrobe with awesome old hooks!! One door but not very wide which is what I love!! Hoping to do the window tomorrow with some of the new things. Got some ideas going!! Should be great!! Also picked up a good selection of smalls!! Got them all unloaded this morning so lot of new stuff to play with tomorrow!! Stop in and check it out this week!! Expecting a new box of soldiers in also!! Come and see the new items as we get them out!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Had a great weekend at the shop and one of my facebook friends from Missouri traveled north to my shop!! Bringing in a new stepback today hope to find a perfect spot for it. Had yesterday off and went to drs appointment with husband. THen we saw the new Iron Man movie and supper at Carlos Okellys . Nice day! Got some yard work finished up in the morning. Off to the shop to play with my new stepback.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sold the trunk out of this room today so moved the table in from outdoors! This trencher just arrived of an old farm sale. All cut out of one piece of wood. Probably made as a feeder of some sorts. This one is old old old!! The noodle board above it has great green pain and peaked on the piece in the back. Very unusual.!! Heading out pickin today so have a good one!! Shop will be open till four!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Well Iowa is getting flooded from the 6 inches of rain we have been getting all night! Please  be careful out there. Don't drive in any water! We are putting out all our patriotic now so stop in and check it out. This pair just arrived!! Great primitive soldiers! Union and Confederate!! Have been busy all week doing some spring cleaning. Oh My that takes forever!! Lots  to do!! The shop is full of early cupboards and lots of prims!! Stop by this week and check it out!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

We are bringing summer into the shop even though the weather is not cooperating! Filled this wheelbarrow up with these handmade watermelons. They look so realistic! Had a wonderful day off and have the  van full of primitive treasures! Lots of wood bowls,buckets and an early wooden cart! Also got some stoneware jugs and jars!! Will be bringing it all into the shop next week. Thanks for all who stopped by today and we have the shop full for the weekend.!!
I am sorry I am neglecting my blogging. I am posting on facebook which has been much quicker. I finally changed out my other window yesterday. Used Theresa's idea and did a clothesline. Had been thinking of this anyway and when she posted it I finally got on it.Love all the old aprons hanging. o

Friday, April 5, 2013

Events all Weekend!!

Lots of fun things in our neighborhood this weekend!! Painted Pony is having an Open House! Simply Iowa is having a garden party! Midwest Antique show is Sunday with lots of great dealers!! We will be open 11-4 today,10-4 tomorrow and 1-4 on Sunday! Lots of great happenings! We have been out gatherings lots of new primitives so stop by and check it out!!
Just got in this brown hanging cupboard last night. Put it on this brown table which we just got with our new trailer last week. Finally got a bigger trailer and hubby is so happy. It has a side door and ramp so we can wheel those large cupboards I always like right on down. We can also stand up in it without ducking. Makes like a little easier and since I always like huge items he is happier. Keep hubby happy and things go a lot smoother. Love this trencher full of gourds. It is quite shallow and has a great repair.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

 We will not be open Easter Sunday!! See you next week!
I am reworking all the new things into the shop! I have been here everyday for about 8 days now. Have Friday and Sat off. Have to pick up some things I bought a couple of weeks ago. I am getting all the patriotic scattered around the shop! Just have one of this lady liberty but she found a nice spot in the geraniums!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Redid this cupboard by the stairs right before I went home. Mixed in the mustard with the red and blue. Thought it turned out ok but man am I making a mess in the back!
Well I have just been spinning trying to get all the new stuff out and marked. Finally Saturday I decided I would just start at the front of the shop and redo each section. I have been bringing in cupboards,tables and prims! Marking and redoing as I go. Lots done in the front but only about halfway through the shop. Big messes where I am reconstructing!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

More new Groups!

I am reworking the whole shop again to make room for the new things! Love how this red cupboard looks all decked out in patriotic!! We are starting to change it all to that shortly!! The bunnies have been hopping out the door!! Moved a great cubby in from the window and filling it with all the new sprays and candles we brought back!! Still finding things that I have not opened up yet!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

This is a full size picture of piec safe befor I put it in window!! Love the old tins and I put a huge wooded washtub filled with gourds under it. The window glares so much it is hard to take pics
So hard to take a picture with my glaring windows!! Got it all decked out!  Customer was looking at the putty cupboard today so may be redoing it again! Happy to have a different look in there!
Finally got this cute pie safe unloaded. The weather was not too bad today! At least the wind was not blowing! This is a nice smaller size with four tins and original attic finish! It is up on legs so I put a big old wood washtub filled with gourds under it. Got most of the window changed out today!

Monday, March 18, 2013

This is the counter I filled with bunnies! They are all to the front and the patriotic is moving in!! I thought I had alot left but when I started to group them there are not really that many left.I have to bring in some antiques yet. Have a great smaller size pie safe but the snow was just too messy today!!
Well it is almost the first day of Spring and Iowa had a snowstorm today!! Now it is done snowing but the wind is blowing like crazy!! Looks like the middle of January! I spent the day in the shop moving the bunnies all to the front! Not too many left but still some cuties!! I took one like the one on the right home as I loved her rag wrap around her head and her grungy old sweater and skirt! The carrots with cornstalk tops have been flying out the door!! Have alot more to mark and haul in but it was just too cold today!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Uncle Sams have arrived also!! They too are all handmade with painted flags!!
Well Easter is so early this year that we have started to pull in the patriotic!! THese are the poor version of Lincoln with old patchy sweaters and grubby pants. They are holding handpainted flags!! They fit in great with early prims. We have traveled many miles in the last two months to gather lots of goods for the shop!! We are filling it up for our Spring Celebation!! It started this weekend and runs through April 13th!! Check us  out on facebook Wanda Tuetken @ Gatherings

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The handmades are filling the shop!! THese are great sunflowers on stakes some are plain and some have crows!!  Love the chunky keg I got to put them in. Have a trailer full to put out and mark! Lots to do!! Nice talking to you!!
Picked up this huge cupboard this week on our travels!! It is huge and hunky!! Square nailed and almost seven feet tall! It is about 50 inches wide. Love that the shelves are wide apart! Look how it holds small kegs. Filling it with lots of dry things like it! Has remnents of old wall paper in top shelf!! THe stuff inside and on top are some more of my pickins!! Lots of new table squares and linens!! The shop is filling up!! Lots to do to get it in shape!!
Well it has been a busy couple of months! Went to Nashville in Febuary and found lots of early prims!! They have sold like crazy! Then went on trip out east and gathered lots more fun things for the shop! Have had a couple people email and ask if I was alright, Well with my smart phone I can load pics right on to facebook from my phone so my blog has been getting neglected. On facebook it is under my name Wanda Tuetken @ Gatherings. So quick and easy. these are a pair o f Uncle Sams that just came in. Easter is right around the corner so the patriotic is coming out!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Love this huge old drawer piece! What I like is that it is narrow so it does not take up so much space even though I think it is about 8 feet long. Just getting everything in order before I leave
This is the window I got all reset for spring! Had cabin things in there for winter! This twig swing is amazing!! Filled it with buckets and bunnies!! The old wheelbarrow came in from outdoors and filled it with geraniums!! Oh My!! Got me going! Getting the shop all reset this week as I am going to Heart of Country with a friend!! Heading out next week so be sure and check out all the great stuff I will be bringing back!!
My blogger seems to be back on track! Have not posted lately as I was having lots of problems!! Well getting lots of spring in and redoing the whole shop this week! Pulled this great red farm piece into the shop and filled it with kegs and florals!! Would be great on a front porch!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shop will be closed today due to freezing rain! If you see anything here or on facebook under Wanda Tuetken please email I ship all the time!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

I am having a horrible time with whatever blogger has done so I am slower at posting. Just got in this farmer family and they are loaded up in the wagon for a ride in the country!! They have all their animals gathered up with them. Sounds like today will be a great day in Iowa. We will be open 10-4. Tomorrow is not sounding so good threat of ice coming in. If that happens and the roads are bad we will not open tomorrow. We shall see what the weather brings!

Monday, January 21, 2013

lots of new table squares also! I am trying to post the picture before I write as the words are coming out on top of the picture so I cannot see what I wrote. Very confusing! These are throw and squares in some of the new colors and pattern