Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pumpkinfest October 6th!!

The snowmen are starting to fill up the place! New trees are popping up also!! We have our Pumpkinfest in Anamosa on Sat. Oct. 6. Be sure to join us. Lots of fun in Anamosa!! After that we will be changing everything over for the holidays! Christmas Open House is first weekend in November and it will take me all of October to get ready. THe girls at Born in  a Barn are having their big celebration the same weekend. Come joing us for both events!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Prairie Farmhouse!!

Doing Wood and White in the cellar! PRAIRE FARMHOUSE
This is a close up of the santa I hung in the tub. He is very flat and great for hanging!!

On the Run!

Busy day today!! Had to run my car to get checked then took the truck and picked up a cupboard this morning, Was on the road at 7 and back at the shop a little after 10. Lots of people in today. Lovely lady from Arizona stopped. First time in the shop!! Some of the Christmas I am putting out is beginning to sell. Two trees went out yesterday!! This is a group I did last week. Back to the basement in the morn to try to get some more organized!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Turmoil!!Mortar and Bowl SOld!

Well it was just one of those days!! Started redoing the basement. Trying to do a Prairie Farmhouse down there. It is ripped apart!! Turmoil!! Lots of decisions today! Turmoil! Seemed like the whole day was that way today!! Well tomorrow is another day! THese are just a few early primitives I picked up the last weekl!! Early early dry mortar!! THe bowl is like a trencher with handle on the one side and early repair!! Under the mortar is a canteen! Looks great hanging on peg hook!! Nice load of prims straight from Tennessee!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love this rope garland. It just drapes everywhere!! So much easier to hang than that stiff stuff. I was hanging it everywhere!!Got the stockings hung also!!
Well after I did the stair way the fall just did not go with it so I had to change this back wall also.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I have been busy all week unpacking boxes of new Christmas items. Then taking all the fall and moving it to the front!!This is a new farm piece we just got!! Filled it with fall and got my scarecrow in the window for the contest during Pumpkinfest. That is coming up October 6th. They bring in ginormous pumpkins for the weigh in to see which one is the largest. Lots of festivities so trying to get the shop in order for that!! Still lots to get done!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This is a close up of the group on the store counter!! Brought this old screen door up from the store room as I am trying to get it cleaned out! Works great for hanging this new wreath that just came in. Lots more holiday to get out!!
I think I am running on fumes this week as I just feel like the world is spinning and I cannot get off. Just crazy trying to reset the shop for Christmas. Got this great store counter desk in yesterday!! Got it all cleaned up last night and filled it with evergreen and pine cones. Does smell so like the holidays!!. Got out more and more trees today!! Oh My!! Just never even set down except for a nice bowl of soup with a friend, Had lunch at T and D's. THey served a cucumber in the water. That was nice and refreshing. Still lots more boxes to open and mark. Oh my!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Well we have been very busy out gathering new things for the shop!! Lots of ideas have been running through my head. Spent the day tearing into the shop and adding some of the new items. This is a heavy set of cheesebox drawers I put on the new hutch table that just came in. Then I filled it with lots of prim goodies!! Look at all the great things that arrived today!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Lovely weather in Iowa today and lots of new customers stopped by!!Been busy getting more of the new Christmas out! Got more fall moving closer to the front and rounding up more Christmas. Off for the weekend to gather lots of new things!! Shop will be Open sat and sun. Stop in and check it out!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Getting on a roll with Christmas, This is a new group I got in. They are all an antique silver color and resemble the early trees, Very pretty in a group!! Still need to find the garland but everything else is out!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Arrivals!!

Did this little back corner in greens alsot . Love the long needled pine!! Yelloware full of pinecones!!Met a nice new customer from Illinois area today and thanks to the lovely shop owner who sent her my way. It is always nice to welcome new customers to the shop!! That is what keeps us going. Lots to do tomorrow before I head out for the weekend!! Out to pick some new things!!
Moving the remainder of the fall towards the front of the shop so I went to the storeroom and started bringing up the greens!! Love it!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Got this group reworked !! I am moving what is left of the fall to the front!! Please email if you would like anything as it is leaving quickly!!
Busy redoing the shop today after the weekend!! Hung this guy way up high. Love the old old ironing board he is on. Lots to redo and as I was busy getting things in order customers came in and bought a table and cupboard so lots more to work on!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Many thanks to all our wonderful customers who showed up for our Open House!! Beautiful weather this weekend and many things went to great homes. We are working on new things to bring into the shop and this amazing cupboard is one of them Was a  built in in and old Iowa farmhouse. Is almost 8 feet tall and quite narrow. I love it!! Nice wear to the color and just a great hunky old cupboard!! We finally got a back on it. Found some old boards! Now just to give it a bath and get the one side that was against the wall restored to match the rest of it. It will be in the shop as soon as possible. Picked up a great old pine table today and a nice keg. Got them on the way home from grandsons first footballgame. Please be sure and check out the new things we will be adding!!
Last day of an amazing Open House!! Thanks to everyoone who could make it!! I have to attend my grandsons very first football game today but Cecilia will be there from 12-4. Still lots of amazing things left!! Many found new homes the last two days  but will have lots of new stuff arriving!! Hope to see you!! Weather is perfect for fall open house!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Open House is Here!! Cider is Brewin!!

Met picker late last night who said he had a large barrel. Well this one is mega large!!It looks like the old water tower on the tv show Petticoat Junction!! All old wood bands. THere is some writing on the bottom as it was used to ship something. This is just one of the amazing new things that we have gathered for the Fall Open House! Stop in and check it out!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Another new cupboard arrived at Gatherings today!! Lots of new prims getting ready for everyone this weekend!! Looks great with this rocking horse on top. Smaller size and neutral color to  fit anywhere!!
This is a great mustard colored dry sink that came out of a couples home that were downsizing!! eGreat old paint and nice deep well!!Filled it with fall today!! My! Things have been flying out the door while I was gone!! I was closed today but worked in the shop for 8 hours getting things in order. Have to bring in some signs yet this week but got all the cupboards in from the trailer! It really helped to get some things up off the floor!! Got mums and pumpkins today and tons of bittersweet!! Lots to finish up before the weekend!!
Got the front all decked  out for Open House but still looking for pumpkins!! This is one side!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nice painted measure,basket,stool! The trailer load includes five big bundles of bittersweet,mustard dry sink and cupboard. Smaller brown cupboard,stools and much more. Closed tomorrow to work in the shop!!
Found lots of nice mums,goat cart and wood wheelbarrow for Open House!!
Well had a great weekend at the lake!! IT was down 23 inches this year with the drought! The little bar we go to had a beach and they never have that. People have to walk their boats out as the water is too shallow for them. Not as pretty as the last few years!! The was quite green yesterday but looked a little better today when the breeze picked up. Got a few things yesterday but was  getting kind of worried we drove so far and not too much. Today was much better. I was up at the crack of dawn with my flashlight and filled the truck and the trailer. Could not believe how well the load went. Hubby stayed sleeping in the hotel and I had filled the trailer by 8 by 9 the truck was full. Not  overflowing but an easy load to haul!! Great weekend and lots of fun things for Open Housee

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Heading out for the weekend!! Finding new goodies for open house!! Shop will be open Sat and Sun but closed Monday!! Have a great one!!!