Monday, November 5, 2012

Thank you!!

Thank you to all the wonderful customers that came to our Holiday Open House!! Several people traveled far and spent the nite! It was an amazing sucess!! I am just showing a few of the things that remain!! Plenty of choices to go to new homes!! Will be reworking the shop this week. We have live window displays the Friday nite after Thanksgiving so I have to get working on that. Lots of new ideas buzzing through my head so it will probably all look different next time you stop!! Lots of new customers stopped in so it was a great weekend!! Keep checking out as we get everything changed around again!!


  1. Such a fun store! Love the items shown on your blog. Is there a site to order online?
    Thank you

  2. Just email me at with questions and I can let you know prices or send more pics. I do ship regularly thank you!