Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Things!!

Just did this little corner up at the end of the day. The early stepback went to new home yesterday so I had this space to fill. Could not get it to come out too bright though as it is in the back of the store. The lamp is a new arrival! Put the steps up on the meal bin and added an old bowl filled with grungy fruit. The kitty is a new addition. She is holding a sunflower and is adorable. Love the handmade gourd bowl and below it are teeny gourd spoons in a little gourd holder. Got the new peg shelf hung up and put gourds and aprons on the hooks. Slowly starting to come together. Friends stopped in this morning on their way to the hospital. Hope everything went well and they got to go home and recover. She loved the two sided quilt so it went to new home also. Hope everyone had a great day. Weather here in Iowa in near perfect. Cannot get much better than this!!! Nite all!!

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