Friday, May 24, 2013

Well our new hours worked great this week! 11-4 during the week gives me much more time to get things done around the shop and I got to go out to gather things twice this week! The wonderful gray log box is great! Square nailed with raised sides! I put a doughboard across it to make it a table! The great piece on the back wall I love love love! It is a wool bundler!! It folds in to make a box and then they strung string through it to tie it up! Can be folded up and used as a shelf but I love all the forged iron on it so used it as a wall piece!! The wooden house is a square nailed beekeepers house! Small openings at the bottom for the bees to enter! All of these items came from a trip out east!! Started redoing the basement this week also! All the green pieces went down and did up a cute group down there. Hopefully I can get some more done down there this coming week!

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